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Valir Health is one of the largest providers for SNF cost reporting services in the United States. As one of the leaders in Medicare Billing, Consulting and Cost Reporting, our staff is highly recognized through regular articles in various industry magazines, national seminars, two books and a variety of videos related to long term care and Medicare.

With the best of technology in the hands of our organization, we are able to complete cost reports in an extremely efficient fashion. In addition, due to the use of technology and efficient organizational systems, we are able to complete cost reports at the most affordable rates in the country.

We base our rates on two variables:

  • Group rates: the more facilities, the lower the price per home.

  • Timeliness of submission of paperwork for cost reports. In other words, the sooner information is submitted to our office, the lower the price.

  • $1,000 initial payment required for each cost report before reports are initiated

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