Direct Access to

Physical Therapy

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At Valir Physical Therapy, no physician's referral is needed to schedule an appointment at on of our 19 clinics. Are you suffering from pain, discomfort, or injury? - Call us Today.

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Direct Access

Oklahoma has passed legislation allowing direct consumer access to physical therapy services beginning in November of 2014. Patients no longer need a physician's referral to initiate physical therapy. Many health insurance plans will allow a patient Direct Access to in-network physical therapy benefits. 

At Valir Physical Therapy, if you do not have a physical therapy prescription from your doctor, we will perform a complimentary benefits check prior to your first visit!

Benefits of Direct Access

A licensed physical therapist will have the ability to evaluate you, and promptly initiate treatment for your musculoskeletal injury condition. Many symptoms of pain, weakness, and limited range of motion can be improved or alleviated in just a few physical therapy sessions.  At your first visit, a physical therapist will obtain a health history, assess your physical function, and formulate a personal plan of care to meet your individual needs and goals. 

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