Early Intervention Programs

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A key element of any cost containment program is early intervention.  Early intervention can take on many forms.  Our program is designed to deliver high impact results based on documented outcomes. 


Designed with flexibility in mind, our program may include one or more of the following services:

  • Loss Run Analysis: our staff reviews OSHA record-keeping logs, claims history and safety programs to determine trends for high risk situations

  • Jobsite Analysis: we perform on-site job evaluations that include observation and assessment of actual functions performed by the employee

  • Job Description Development: Comprehensive job descriptions are an essential component of the post-offer screening process.  This program draws from the job site analysis to determine the key elements of the job description.

  • Ergonomics Assessment: this program identifies repetitious or awkward postures that pose the risk of workplace injury

Deliverables from this program include:

  • Reduction in costs associated with workplace injuries

  • Elimination or reduction of work-related injuries

  • Development of accurate and precise job descriptions

  • Improved productivity and morale

  • Establishment of essential functions, physical demands and skills required for job function

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