Pre-Employment Services

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Valir Healthforce post-offer/pre-employement programs are designed to assist employers in obtaining the best candidates for each job.


Businesses that incorporate our services report the following benefits:

  • Reduced workers’ compensation costs

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced turnover rates

  • Reductions in lost time

  • Decreased incidence of fraud and abuse

Good hiring is an extremely important process.  Services available through this program include on or more of the following:

Post-Offer Screening:

Post-offer screenings can prevent potential injuries by determining the likelihood of injury based on a functional job description and a new employee’s physical abilities. During a screening, Valir therapists evaluate the physical capabilities of a worker and then compare them to those defined in the functional job description. This ensures that the job candidate is safely able to perform job duties and allows for proper employee placement.

Upper Quadrant/Carpal Tunnel Testing:

This test is used to determine capability as it relates to specific job functions. A pass or fail indicator is used to assess risk.

Job Task/Job Analysis: 

Valir Healthforce offers customized onsite analyses of specific job tasks and functions to prevent work-related injuries. Decreasing repetition and awkward postures has been proven to reduce workers’ compensation costs, increase productivity and improve the overall quality of work.

Pre-Employment Drug Screening:

Valir Healthforce can provide pre-employment drug testing as an adjunct service for our Wellness clients. All drug screens follow Oklahoma testing regulations.

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