Selecting a Hospice

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The type and quality of hospice services varies from provider to provider. With varying levels of expertise and different approaches to patient and family support, selecting a hospice can be overwhelming.

Here are some issues every family and caregiver should consider as they search for the right hospice for their loved one. Feel free to print this page and use it as a resource when visiting a Valir Hospice representative.

  1. How do I obtain hospice services?

  2. How do I qualify for hospice services?

  3. What kinds of services can I expect?

  4. Where are these services provided?

  5. Can our personal physician continue to be involved in care management?

  6. What role will the family play in providing care? What if the patient has no family?

  7. What happens if the patient needs to go to the hospital or needs additional treatment or medications?

  8. How much control and choice do the patient and family have over care management?

  9. What kinds of support will be available to the family and other loved ones?

  10. What kinds of services are available after-hours? How are they managed?

  11. Can the patient continue to receive other medical care and services?

Remember: Hospice is like any other healthcare service – the patient and family have the right to select the hospice provider that is best for them. We encourage families to interview at least three different hospice agencies to determine which hospice provider will best serve their specific needs.

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