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Road to Recovery.​

Valir Hospital’s Stroke Rehabilitation Program provides a comprehensive array of medical, therapy, nursing and support services to help stroke survivors achieve their highest level of independence and resume active roles within their families and communities.  At Valir, we recognize the process of stroke recovery has many aspects and occurs over time.  Our team believes in the importance of assisting family members to understand the effects of stroke.  We encourage family involvement so that caregivers can learn effective strategies to promote the patient’s continuing progress.

The core goals of stroke rehabilitation include:

• Assessing the patient’s ability to function, including self-care, transfers, mobility, and swallowing.
• Involving the patient and his/her family in developing realistic rehabilitation goals and actively participating in discharge planning.
• Teaching various techniques to compensate for physical, cognitive, and communicative deficits.
• Supporting the patient and his/her family as they learn to cope with the physical and cognitive limitations that often accompany stroke.
• Determining home equipment needs and arranging further rehabilitation services and community resources as needed.

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