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“Over the years I had developed a painful problem in my lower and mid back. My doctor recommended physical therapy for treatment. Thank goodness I landed in David’s care. He knew how to fix me; better yet, he knew how to teach me to exercise so that I can stay fixed. David and Tiffany’s knowledge about the body was explained to me in a way that was understandable. That helped motivate me to take a long-term approach and commitment to staying healthy. I have joked to David and Tiffany that I love physical therapy. And really I should because I came out stronger and healthier then when I started. Even better, I now have a long-term plan to keep me strong. Thank you.”

-M. Marcum


“By way of bad luck and/or bad genes, I am afflicted with several chronic conditions. My most recent escapade was significant pain and restricted movement to both my shoulders. I attempted to tolerate it for months until it got to the point where sleeping and basic grooming were nearly impossible.


I tried pain medication, acupuncture and finally cortisone injections by an orthopedic surgeon directly into the shoulder joints; no relief, no improvement.


 Finally I found my way to David and Tiffany. On the very first visit, with total confidence and without hesitation, David diagnosed my problem as two frozen shoulders (Adhesive Capsulitis). For the first time, I knew what was wrong. More importantly, from the start, David and Tiffany told me that they could fix me.


This was a big emotional deal for me. Not the usual news I hear. I believed them. I trusted them. I did what they said. I was released with 100% range of motion back to my shoulders.


 I am very grateful for their knowledge and skill and dedication in impacting people’s lives.”

-Kandi Jones


“I have been going to physical therapy for three years off and on for both of my knees. Physical therapy has healed my right knee. I had surgery in January of 2012; physical therapy has helped me regain my lost strength and has got me to walk again and play baseball to my fullest.”

-Nick Herrin


“I had been a patient at Valir before; I found the therapist to be friendly and knowledgeable. After my third back surgery, I was just tired of therapy. I’ll bet I’ve been to at least ten different ones in the city over the years. Before, I could not stand up straight; but by the time I left Valir, I was standing tall and walking straight. Valir has helped me twice, once for carpel tunnel and again for my back. Way to go, Valir.”

-Jancie Grayson


“Very successful program! There were a few times when it was hard to complete the day’s routine. The staff understood during these times. Some days I would come not feeling well, but after doing the exercise I would feel much better.”

-Everett (Bud) Wafford


“I went from 0-100 quickly. I thought my shoulder would take up to a year to get to where I am today. I am able to do all chores around my place and I am back to riding horses; I can easily throw a 38-pound saddle on a horse. I am back to enjoying life. I attribute all my success to Drs. Geib and Eale and the staff at Valir. Thank you all for giving my quality of life back. Take care, and continued success.”

-Bob Kellington


“I had been having extreme pain in my right hip so my orthopedic doctor sent me to therapy. Eric Browning was my assigned therapist and he worked very hard with me for about three months. I can honestly say that my pain has been relieved. It has been three months since I finished therapy and my hip is still doing great. I feel that Eric is the source of my comfort. Valir was always willing to work with my schedule. And all of the assistants were helpful and courteous. I just say, thank you, Valir, for all your help.”

-Selna Hollars

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