Traumatic Brain Injuries

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A program that suits you.​

Few medical cases are as difficult to treat as a brain injury, this is why recovery is measured not in days or weeks, but in milestones. 

No two head injuries are the same, and every person recovers at a different rate. Because of the uniqueness of every patient, Valir creates innovative, personalized rehabilitation programs and goals that are individual to each person. We also educate family members to play an active role while the patient is in the hospital and after returning home.

Our unique brain injury program was specifically configured for brain healing. The design allows for absolute control over environmental stimulation, offering patients relief from noises, lights, colors, televisions, electronics and other forms of undesirable brain stimulants.

Valir Rehabilitation Hospital’s brain injury program is designed to help patients regain their ability to live and function independently.


Our program treats all brain injury impairments, including those related to:

• Physical movement
• Speech
• Memory
• Orientation
• Attention
• Reasoning skills
• Behavior and personality changes

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